Google Plus Local – Let me Get You Verified QUICKLY!

How much is it worth to have your business appear on Google Local Searches?

$1K, 2K, 10K or more in profit each month?

Whatever the amount, one thing is sure. If a person searches for the type of service or product your company specializes in, and doesn’t see your website listed by google, then you’re losing money! BIG TIME.

What is a Google Local Page?

It’s simple. Say you live in Coral Springs, Florida, and you want to go to a restaurant.

You go to google, and type Restaurant Coral Springs in the search box.

The following is pasted copy of what you might find.

The results are from your google business page.

(Try if for your type of business and city).

If your business doesn’t appear there are very good chances that some of your competitors do. And you’re loosing customers.

For a while now, google has focused on localization.  And as a result, having a Google Local Business Page is essential.

Yet, it is one aspect of internet marketing that most website owners either ignore or don’t have the skills to use for themselves.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that if you don’t act now, if you don’t claim your google business listing or you decide to do it at a later stage, you are losing more business than you think.

Why are businesses not jumping on Google Local Page wagon?

Many do.  Some with our help.  But the truth is that Google, in its infinate wisdom has not made the process of creating a business page and listing it on google local searches easy.

That’s where I come in.

I have developed a proven method with which I can verify practically any Google Business listing. Mine is a manual process, (no software involved so as not to raise any flag), takes two to three weeks to complete and is guaranteed or your money back.

(Paypal, the payment platform which I use has a strict money back guarantee.)